Man Booted Off Flight for Insane Reason

Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

( – Reddit once again became the center of everything airline drama, with a recent post acquiring close to 6,000 reactions and more than 2,500 comments to date. According to the post, a man, who is described as 18 years old, was traveling back to his home country, which remains undisclosed, and had just boarded his second connecting flight, which was going to take around 12 hours.

As he describes it, it was then that things took the wrong turn, as he “had the delightful sight of an obese man who was taking up a good chunk of my seat.” The story was posted by user “L4l0_Salamanca,” on the subreddit known as AITA (“Am I the a–hole”).

The man proceeded to state that he was also “not a small guy” as he is around 6’3 and has broad shoulders. This would mean that the seat would already be rather uncomfortable for him. He proceeded to tell the flight attendant about his issue in the situation, but the flight attendant explained that “the seat was paid for by this obese person and the flight was full.”

It was then that the man questioned why the seat would be considered available if it was “being used for someone’s literal rolls.” Following these comments, the flight attendant called the man rude and had him kicked off the flight, assuring him that he would be compensated for this. The obese man also proceeded to call the man names, who started questioning whether he was the a–hole in this situation.

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