Man With Stage Four Cancer Receives Incredible Gift

( – Rob Oakley of Louisville, Kentucky on Jan. 27 took to Facebook to share that it had been 100 days since he was diagnosed with stage four rectal cancer. During those 100 days, as he noted, he had every emotion possible, but what was surprising was how often he felt lucky and blessed. He noted that he was lucky to have a community around him that championed him in his fight against cancer.

The post quickly amassed 524 likes and 162 comments, from Oakley’s friends and circle. However, there was one person who was particularly affected by the post. Sean Farrell, Oakley’s friend, shared how emotional it was to read that message about his friend’s treatment and the community that had helped him. He told PEOPLE that the post was a true reflection of “who Rob is as a person.”

This is what led to Farrell choosing to take Oakley with him after he was announced to have won the Caesars Sportsbook’s prize – a trip to Super Bowl 2023 for two. Farrell said that as soon as he saw the tickets the first thing he thought about was how great the trip would be for Oakley. His first move from there was to ask whether the tickets were transferable so that he could see if Oakley could go.

Oakley had said that he was really blown away by the compassionate action and message that Farrell sent him along with the gift of the trip.

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