Minnesota Adopts Controversial New Flag

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Minnesota’s State Emblems Redesign Commission has officially approved a new design for the state flag after multiple discussions and submissions from the public for possible maps. As part of the search for a new flag design, there were thousands of submissions. 

On Tuesday, the commission made the last design adjustments during a meeting. The new design is the result of criticisms that had emerged about the previous state flag which many people had slammed for being offensive toward Native Americans. As part of that flag, there was a depiction of a Native American riding away towards the sunset, while a white settler remained behind tending to his field. 

The new design however depicts an eight-point North Star and a light blue block. The star is a representation of the state’s official motto, “L’Étoile du Nord,” which when translated means “The Star of the North.” 

The design based on which the flag was designed, came from a submission from a citizen in Luverne. Originally the design included the colors green, blue, and white as the citizens had attempted to showcase the nature, water, and snow in the state. The design also featured the white North Star as well as the state’s shape. 

However, some state residents were not happy with the final design selection. Still, as the commission pointed out there were many designs that featured the North Star, which is why they opted to use that symbol. 

However, others, including two GOP legislators who were serving in the commission as non voting members pointed out that the process had been rushed and even stated that the process should have taken a lot longer. Rep. Bjorn Olson (R) pointed out that as part of the process, they should have heard from Minnesotans more. 

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