Parents Sentenced After Child’s Crime

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( – On Tuesday, convicted school shooter Ethan Crumbley’s from Michigan parents were both sentenced to 10-15 years in jail each for their role in the 2021 killing of four high school students. 

This is the first time in the United States that parents have been charged as criminally responsible in connection to the actions of their child. Jennifer and James Crumbley were found to have criminal responsibility for the Oxford High School mass shooting in 2021. The two were found guilty of four counts of involuntary manslaughter each. 

The now-17-year-old Ethan Crumbley had pleaded guilty to 24 charges in 2022 and is serving several life sentences.

Prosecutors have argued that his parents had failed to properly store a gun, which could have helped prevent the shooting. It was further pointed out that the parents should have removed their child from school after officials had brought up concerns regarding a drawing that had been included in a school assignment.

Ethan Crumbley had drawn a gun in the drawing and had written the words “The thoughts won’t stop. Help me.” School staff had notified the parents asking them to take their son home and seek counseling, however, the parents had declined to do so.

Ethan had told counselors that the drawing had just shown his interest in video game creation. He further noted that he had been upset about one of his friends suddenly moving away and the death of his grandmother. 

School officials then allowed him to return to the classroom without checking his backpack. Ethan had hidden a handgun in his bag which he used to shoot one teacher and 10 students, four of whom lost their lives. 

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