Police Pull Over Young Couple To Help With Marriage Proposal

Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash

(FeaturedNews.com) – Law enforcement officials often have to deal with some of the worst circumstances that people find themselves in. However, in November, businessman Troy Goldschmidt called for Wisconsin’s Eau Claire Police Department members to help him with his marriage proposal.

According to the department’s public information officer Josh Miller, previously the couple had a “positive” interaction with one of the department’s officers, Maggie Andersen. The couple had met Andersen when Moriah Prichard had lost her cell phone during one of their trips to the city.

Miller revealed that this was the reason Goldschmidt decided to ask Andersen to participate in his planned proposal.

The couple had only just arrived in the city when the officer had pulled them over at an intersection. The officer proceeded to ask for their information and ran Goldschmidt’s license only to question whether this ID was recently issued or there was some other problem with it.

Goldschmidt proceeded to smirk a little and said that he had gotten a “new ID thing.” The officer proceeded to ask him to exit the vehicle and asked him whether he was all set.

In the bodycam footage from Andersen’s bodycam, we can see her knocking on the passenger-side window to speak with Prichard. She then proceeds to ask her to exit the car, while also pretending that she was putting the man’s hand behind his back because of an issue with his license.

However, the setting quickly changed after the man dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring. Prichard was quick to say yes to the proposal.

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