Shoplifter Sues Walgreens After Getting Caught

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( – Travonsha Ferguson, a woman from Tennessee, is filing a lawsuit against Walgreens after an incident where a retail employee had shot her seven times after suspecting her of shoplifting last April. 

Mitarius Boyd, the East Nashville Walgreens employee had reportedly shot Ferguson, who at the time was seven months pregnant, and her friend after suspecting that they had attempted to shoplift from the store. The paperwork was filed last Wednesday by Ferguson who had been left in critical condition after the shooting.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department has stated that another employee had informed Boyd that the two women were stealing from Walgreens located at 2500 Gallatin Avenue. Boyd claimed that he had seen the woman putting items into a store cart and a large bag. He had then used his cell phone to record the woman whom he had followed outside of the store after she had left without paying for the items.

Boyd informed the police that he had proceeded to approach the women as they were putting away the items in their trunk. In the lawsuit, Ferguson argues that Boyd had never indicated that he was an employee and instead, he had confronted them aggressively about the allegedly stolen merchandise “while cursing and screaming.” 

Ferguson then stated that out of fear for herself and the baby, she had used mace to spray Boyd. Boyd then proceeded to shoot Ferguson seven times, which resulted in serious bodily harm to both her and her baby. 

Boyd has admitted to the shooting, but he has also claimed that he did not know whether the women were armed. 

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