Teen Rejected For Valentines Day Gets Incredible Gift

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(FeaturedNews.com) – On Feb. 14, one mother took to Facebook to share an incredible story about her neurodivergent teenager.

As Heather Starr wrote, her oldest son, 14, “has Autism, is very shy, and socially awkward.” With Valentine’s day around the corner, he prepared a poster for a girl in his school and asked her to be his valentine during the school lunch while everyone was watching. The girl however declined him.

Starr, who lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, said that she had not known of her son’s grand gesture before it occurred. She added that had she known she would have suggested to her son that maybe he should try a “less public approach.” She added that her son Roman has a “hard time understanding the nuances of social interactions.”

As she explains in the post she is not mad that the son rejected him, she was just “crushed” to hear that her son was “very sad.”

Starr however was not the only one to be affected by her son’s pain. The next day at school, one by one the children at his school gave him notes and cards, and one even made a poster similar to the one that Roman had used for his crush.

As she wrote, they asked him if he wanted to “be their Valentine and he said yes.” The entire cafeteria got so loud with the event, that they disrupted the classes nearby resulting in them getting a punishment and having to have a silent lunch period. However, no one was upset to sit in silence.

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