VIDEO: Actress Gets Into Ugly Fight With Delta Employees

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( – Tommy Dorfman, a transgender actress renowned for her role in the popular Netflix series “13 Reasons Why,” has recently brought to light a troubling incident involving staff of Delta Air Lines. On Christmas Eve, Dorfman, 31, took to TikTok to share a video that captured an unsettling exchange with Delta employees at LaGuardia Airport in New York City.

The incident began when Dorfman, who publicly announced her transition and adoption of she/her pronouns in 2021, was allegedly misgendered by a Delta employee. The video shows Dorfman inquiring, “And what about when a Delta employee misgenders you intentionally?” while waiting at the departure gate. An employee is heard in the background, fumbling over pronouns, saying, “While she’s talking—while he’s talking,” which prompts Dorfman to point out the misgendering. The employee defensively responds, “It wasn’t intentional, but if you want to take it personal, that’s also okay.”

As the situation intensified, Dorfman claimed that another staff member had also intentionally misgendered her twice, leading to an increasingly tense conversation. The Delta worker in the video then threatens to have the Port Authority escort Dorfman out of the building, accusing her of being condescending. Dorfman identified this employee as Tristan and mentioned that he consented to the video being posted on social media.

In her TikTok caption, Dorfman expressed her frustration and confusion, stating that she did not realize it was deemed condescending to address what she perceived as a human rights violation, referring to the repeated misgendering by the airline staff.

Responding to the incident, a spokesperson for Delta Air Lines communicated to Fox News Digital that the company is aware of the video and is looking into the matter. They also mentioned their intention to reach out to Dorfman to better understand what occurred.

This incident underscores the complexities and sensitivities surrounding gender identity, particularly in public and customer service settings. It highlights the need for increased awareness and respect for individuals’ gender identities, ensuring that such interactions are handled with understanding and sensitivity.


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