VIDEO: Cruel TSA Worker Goes Viral for All the Wrong Reasons

Photo by Altino Dantas on Unsplash

( – A video taken on Sunday at Detroit Metro Airport and posted online by Reddit user ProfessionalEye3568 shows a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employee on the second level of the Delta Sky Club handling a dog poorly pulling on their leash hard enough to have them pulled around.

The Reddit user pointed out that this was not specific to Delta and it just featured the employee who was poorly handling and pulling the dog around. They added that there was no reason for someone to be treating a working dog like this. The user added that originally, they thought that this might have been an attempt to handle a high-energy dog, much like his own, or that it was a mistake, but then they realized that the handler was just being excessively rough for no reason.

The comments were full of people being angry about the way that the pup was being handled, with one commenter pointing out that the handler should not be allowed around animals. The incident took place in the McNamara Terminal at about 11:30 a.m.

TSA told Nexstar that they had identified the handler who would no longer be allowed to work with dogs. They further added that an official investigation into the incident had been launched as the behavior displayed in the video was unacceptable and did not fit the “high standards” that they had. The TSA further noted that the dog had been taken to a veterinarian for a wellness exam.

The Reddit user was also contacted by Nexstar. In their interview, they stated that they hoped the video ended up going viral so that the TSA realized that they needed to make sure that all handlers were trained and qualified and handling the dogs professionally.


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