VIDEO: Grandmas Steal Rihanna’s Thunder

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( – On Feb. 12, 2023, the Super Bowl LVII took place in Glendale, Arizona, with the Kansas City Chiefs winning against the Philadelphia Eagles. However, it is a group of ladies from the Kentucky Acadia Senior Living Bowling Green who have been keeping the Super Bowl spirit alive.

During the Super Bowl Apple Music Halftime Show, Rihanna performed a medley of some of her most iconic songs while also revealing her second pregnancy.

When the residents at Kentucky Arcadia Senior Living facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky, watched the performance they decided that they wanted to try the dance moves and went ahead to perform some of them for a Tik Tok video.

Pat, Dora, and Sue, three of the dancers, made an appearance on “Fox & Friends” on Monday morning where they got to discuss their dance video which has now gone viral.

Dora, who was wearing red during the end clips of the video, had been the one to portray Rihanna during “Rude Boy.” She said that she was specifically selected for that part because she “had the biggest swing.” However, Pat and Sue disagreed jokingly saying that she had the red outfit needed.

The idea was first started by the social director of community activities at the senior living facility, who stated that all the women, who are in their 80s were willing to try it. Their video has now been viewed by 23 million people.

Sue , the woman who blows a kiss at the start of the video, said that her family enjoyed the video.


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