Woman Arrested for Stealing Massive Stash of Popular Cups

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

(FeaturedNews.com) – Roseville police officers have stated that a woman in California was arrested after she stole 65 Stanley water bottles that had a total value of around $2,500.

The police responded to a call at the store on Jan. 17 after workers had reported that they had seen a 23-year-old woman walking off with a shopping cart that was full of Stanley cups that she had not paid for. Police noted that the woman had refused to stop when store staff had told her that they needed to check her stuff and had just continued to put the stolen merchandise in her vehicle.

An officer had spotted the woman while she was driving on Highway 65 from Galleria Boulevard and had proceeded to pull her over. The woman was then arrested on a grand theft charge.

In a post on Facebook, the Roseville Police Department shared photos from the suspect’s vehicle which was full of cups. They further noted that while the Stanley cups were “all the rage” they advised against people resorting to crime for one.

The Stanley tumblers have recently increased in popularity in large part because of their marketing campaign.

One 16-year-old from Alabama revealed that to build her collection of every color and style of Stanley cup her parents had spent approximately $3,000 over the last year. As she had told the Wall Street Journal she is “obsessed.” She revealed that she has 67 tumblers now after receiving the first one last year.

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