72-Year-Old Man Celebrates College Graduation With His 99-Year-Old Mom

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(FeaturedNews.com) – On May 11, Sam Kaplan, 72, graduated with a bachelor’s degree over 50 years after he had graduated from high school. Kaplan has become the first of his seven siblings to earn an undergraduate degree after he received his diploma in Media Arts and Cinema from a college in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Georgia Gwinnett College.

Much like any other graduate, WWBT reported that his mother, a 99 year-old, was present during the graduation cheering him on as he crossed the stage. Kaplan said about his mother that she’s proud, excited, and happy about his accomplishment.

Kaplan, who had graduated from high school in 1969, reportedly had a number of different careers before his return to college. In the college’s news release, it is stated that he had run a cleaning service, a telemarketing company, a taxi driver, and as a customer service agent for electronic wholesale distribution.

The college news release also wrote about Kaplan’s reason for returning to education. As they revealed, one day as he was driving down 316, he heard on the radio station that the college offered a program that included scriptwriting. Within a few minutes, he had enrolled and registered for the fall semester.

Naturally, returning to education more than five decades later was not easy, and Kaplan needed to learn how to study once again. There was also the matter that all of his classmates were 50 years younger than him, but that did not stop him from making the decision and pursuing his degree. Kaplan even managed to develop good relationships with some of his classmates and even revealed that he got some “hugs from a lot of them” on his last day.

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