Nine-Year-Old Boy Win the Internet’s Heart With Incredible Gift

Photo by Nimble Made on Unsplash

( – On March 26, Aaron Gouveia, a father of three, posted on TikTok sharing the moment that his son Sam had given him a shirt as a gift which he had sown himself during his after-school sewing class. Since its posting, the clip has amassed more than 9 million views and it starts off with Sam hesitantly approaching his father. He moves towards his dad with the blue floral shirt clutched in one of his hands.

When he reaches his dad, his dad is quick to ask whether Sam had made the shirt.

In response, Sam stated that he had been the one to sew the buttons, and button holes and that while he had had some assistance he had been the one to make the most of it. Gouveia then proceeded to try on the shirt and model Sam’s design in front of the camera.

He continues by positively praising the shirt while checking himself out in front of the full-length mirror. The camera then shows a clip of Sam who is completely elated with his father’s response to the shirt.

Gouveia continues to positively talk about the oversized ‘70s-style collar, and the box pleat detail on the shirt and then asks his son if he is allowed to wear the shirt to dinner. Sam of course says yes and then his father proceeds to ask him about the pattern of the shirt he chose.

Sam explained that he thought the fabric was cool, that it stood out and that it would go very well with the jeans that his dad always wore.

Commenters also praised Sam and even claimed that he was a natural.


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