Husband Teaches His Entitled Wife Very Valuable Lesson

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( – In a recent Reddit post, a man going by the username “TaxRightOffer” shared a story from his recent vacation with his wife to Hawaii. As he stated, the trip was a gift from his wife’s father, who had bought them first-class seats for the flight. The man proceeded to say that while this was something his wife was used to, it was his first time flying first-class and he is also not an experienced plane traveler.

During their return flight from the trip, the couple was seated “near the back,” and it was then that a mother and her baby boarded the flight. As he pointed out, the baby was already agitated and crying. He added that while he felt bad for the mother who was dealing with this distressing situation, his wife was mad saying how the flight would be miserable because of the baby and that if the mother was unable to calm the baby down, they should not be on the flight.

After trying to unsuccessfully calm down his wife, the man proceeded to exchange seats with the mother on the plane so that he could teach his wife a lesson. This resulted in his wife sending him a series of angry texts about what he had done. As he noted, the baby did not even cry for 30 minutes on the 8-hour flight, so the situation was not nearly as bad as his wife was making it out to be. Still, his wife is angry at him and has refused to forgive him for his choice.

The user proceeded to ask if he was the “a**hole” for this situation, to which many users were conflicted and pointed out that the way he handled the situation with his wife was inappropriate.

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