School Bus Drops Five-Year-Old Off at Wrong Stop

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( – Kelly Mulholland, a mother from Oklahoma, posted on her TikTok account the video of her son, five, ringing the doorbell of a stranger’s home after the bus let him off at the wrong stop.

The boy in the video asks the stranger where they can assist him in finding his “mommy” as he is walking around in 105-degree heat.

Mulholland referred to the incident as her “literal worst nightmare” and blamed the bus driver for not following the procedures in place for letting children off the bus. As she stated, this has not only led to her son being lost, but also her boyfriend’s daughter, who is the same age as her son, within the first week of school.

As she explained in the video, the driver had failed to check the tags on the children’s backpacks and had not even noticed that they had gotten off the bus. As she said, she went to pick her child up from the bus stop, only to find that the bus was an hour late and the children were not on it. She then revealed that the older kid on the bus had been the one to inform her that her kids had been dropped off already but the bus driver could not even tell where they had gotten down or what the street’s name was.

She proceeded to return to her car so that she could tell her boyfriend about the incident, which was when a driver pulled up and asked her if she was looking for two children. The driver added that his Ring security camera had caught the two children asking for help, however by the time they got to his house the children were not there. With the help of the other neighbors, they were able to find the children around half a mile away from where the children were originally dropped off.

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