VIDEO: Thieves Drive Through Mall To Pull Off Heist

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( – A video from Ontario, Canada was recently released showing a car racing through the interior of a mall. The incident took place around 1:10 a.m. on Wednesday at the Vaughan Mills shopping mall in Vaughan.

In a statement released by the York Regional Police, they state that the vehicle had to be driven through the mall and into the electronics store where allegedly the suspects had stolen a large “quantity of items.” They further note that no one was injured during the incident.

In the video, there is a black Audi sedan making its way through the mall at really high speed before crashing into the glass doors that normally shield the entrance of the building.

Surveillance cameras in the most also caught the video of the car as it was moving through the interior of the mall. Five minutes later, cameras also capture the car wreckage near one of the other entrances of the mall, as the car drives through the glass doors.

In the statement by the police, they also note that they would like any potential witnesses to come forward so that they can best determine what exactly occurred during the incident.

Taylor-Anna Kobinger, a resident of Laval, Quebec informed CP24 that her car had been stolen and could be seen being driven through the mall in the video.


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