VIDEO: Bartender Cannot Believe What She Found in Lost Purse

Photo by Sérgio Alves Santos on Unsplash

( – A new TikTok video by user @prettyyrozayy shows the moment when she found a bag left in the bar. The bartender who found the bag and opened it up in order to find any identifying details so as to return the bag to its rightful owner. The video was taken in The Gold Room in Minnesota and has received more than 2.5 million likes and 15 million views since it was originally posted.

When the bartender opened the bag they had found, they expected to find a bank card, ID, driver’s license, or even a mobile phone that they could use to identify whose purse it was. However, much to their surprise, upon opening the bag all they could see inside were McDonald’s fries.

McDonald’s fries are famous among partygoers who will often get hungry after a night of drinking. According to the Recovery Village, a rehabilitation center, excessive drinking often leads to the parts of the brain that cause hunger being activated. This is why drinking and binge eating will frequently go hand in hand.

This particular partygoer, knowing that they most likely would end up hungry after a night of drinking, thought that it was better to come prepared instead of spending their time waiting in a 24-hour fast food joint. Hence the fries.

The now-viral video has many comments under it, with many people pointing out how that is the best use of a purse on a night out. McDonald’s has also commented, writing: “I knew I left it somewhere.”



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