VIDEO: Black Bear Pulls Off Impressive Robbery

Photo by Simon Infanger on Unsplash

( – Employees at a Connecticut bakery were terrified after a large black bear entered the store’s garage and ate 60 cupcakes. Miriam Stephens, owner of Taste by Spellbound in the town of Avon, stated that the workers had been loading the cupcakes onto the van to make the deliveries on Wednesday when they saw the bear approaching them.

The employee that spotted the bear first started screaming and yelling that a bear had entered the garage. The story was recounted in Stephens’ Instagram post.

The employee told TV station WTNH that at first, she shouted in the hopes that the bear would get scared, but even though the animal retreated three times, it kept coming back. Eventually, the bear charged her which was when she ran out of the garage.

The surveillance video from the incident was obtained by WTNH, and it shows the bakery worker attempting to scare the bear off at first before running off scared. The video continues with the bear taking the cupcakes out of the container in the garage and eating them.

Stephens revealed that the bear ate 60 cupcakes. Eventually, the bear left after they honked a car horn. In the post shared on Instagram, the owner noted that these large animals are often more scared of humans than we are of them. She continued by stating that following the incident, they all laughed. She added that the bear was cute and that there was no one hurt by the incident.


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