VIDEO: New Boyfriend Meets Girl’s Family in Awkward Fashion

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Each family has its own unique tradition, and a family’s unique way of welcoming new members into the family has gone viral on TikTok with over 6 million views. The video, which was posted by Taylor Hylton, shows Hylton’s family forming a human tunnel that Taylor and her partner had to pass through in order to enter the front gate.

One family member did not appear to want to join in on welcoming Hylton’s partner, and so instead their foot is visible in the foreground.

In the caption Hylton had written, “He took it like a champ.”

However, not everyone was as impressed by this tradition. One commenter wrote that if they had seen that they would have just walked away. They added it “Gives off Alpha Delta Pi vibes.”

With families, there is such a thing as being too close, and in fact, it is commonly regarded as a big red flag when families are too close. It is also common for problems with a partner’s parents to be the reason why a relationship does not end up working.

In an article for Good Therapy, therapist Mieke Rivka Sidorsky, LCSW, has said that establishing a relationship with a partner’s family can be hard as everyone needs to adjust to the new dynamic. This is why she notes that setting boundaries from the start can be key for reducing tension as new relationships start to form. She further advises that this is something partners should discuss ahead of time.



He took it like a champ

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