Video of Trump Jr. Insulting McCarthy Goes Viral

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – A new video of Donald Trump Jr. interviewing House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has gone viral. McCarthy joined Trump in his Triggered with Don Jr. show recently, but as the clips show, McCarthy did not get to actually do much speaking.

Attorney Ron Filipkowski, was one of the first to tweet out a clip that showcased a discussion about former President Donald Trump on the show. Trump Jr. begins by praising the former President and McCarthy tries to join in and speak up a number of times, but is not allowed to by Trump Jr. who keeps talking over him.

Filipkowski pointed out that this was supposed to be Trump Jr. interviewing McCarthy, but he that the ex-president does not let McCarthy say anything at all. The 46-second clip has now been watched over 160,000 times on Twitter. The full hour long episode is also available on many video platforms including Rumble.

By the end of the interview, McCarthy and Trump Jr. start talking about the right-to-try law signed by the former president, which would allow terminally ill patients to try out experimental treatments.

To this, Trump Jr. said that his father’s greatest political weakness had been wanting to always appear strong and never showing his more empathetic side.

McCarthy did try to respond to that statement, but Trump Jr. did not appear all that interested in what the Speaker had to say as he continued going on about his father’s “soft side.” McCarthy continued to try to add his own opinions regarding Trump Jr. ‘s statements, but all of them fell on deaf ears, or rather were not heard at all as the host continued interrupting him.


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