VIDEO: University Security Guard Goes Viral for Simple Act

( – Valerie Baxter, High Point University’s security guard in North Carolina, went viral after a video of her congratulating and saying goodbye to hundreds of students was recently captured.

Baxter, 63, told Fox News that saying goodbye to everyone was “an amazing moment.” She added that after the first student approached her and hugged her, she was overcome with emotion, resulting in tears streaming down her face. As she noted, that was when all of the students started walking over to embrace her.

Baxter, who had been working for the university for over a decade, did not think much about what was happening and did not believe that the interactions were being recorded. Hugging everyone and giving them her well wishes was something that the students knew her for whenever, no matter where she was working at the time on campus.

As she said, for four years they have been hugging, and this was not just something they did for graduation day.

The video was taken by Lucas Verdeur, who works for High Point University’s communications department, who said that he just saw what was unfolding, and so he started filming. He added that he became fairly close with Baxter during his pursuit for both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. He then proceeded to edit and trim the video down, but emphasized that the embrace between Baxter and the students went on for much longer than the video even shows. The whole thing was spur of the moment, and it was just a chance for the graduating class to tell their goodbyes.

Verdeur stated that the exchanges were “genuine and authentic,” and “It was ‘Ms. Val’ in her truest form.”

Relationships like this are important to have among impressionable young men and women. Not only did Ms. Baxter volunteer to protect the kids, she also developed strong bonds and relationships with them, and memories that will last a lifetime.


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