VIDEO: Weatherman Goes Viral After Mimicking Iconic Musician

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( – The chief meteorologist, Adam Krueger, has become a TikTok sensation for his use of Eminem lyrics in his weather forecast. This is something that CW39 Houston viewers can now expect as they watch the weather.

A clip of Krueger received more than 2.8 million views since its posting and 350,000 likes. During the video, Krueger repeatedly uses a number of famous lines from Eminem’s hit song “Without Me.” In the clip that has now made him famous, Krueger uses the following phrases: “round the outside,” “guess who’s back,” and “testing, attention please.”

During an interview with Newsweek, he revealed that there is no script that he uses. Instead, he just tries to think on the day what lines he could possibly sneak into his weather report. He added that the ideas usually come throughout the morning show and that he hopes that everything he adds does not detract from someone’s ability to understand the weather report.

Krueger first started to make the changes to the weather forecast in April 2022, when the game Wordle had become popular online. Now, he has fans online who are asking for lyrics from different artists to be included in the report.

Many online tune in to Krueger’s weather report just to see what lyrics he is going to sneak into his report the next time. This was something that Krueger also mentioned during his Newsweek interview stating that he has people in the Houston area who have been tuning in just to see what he comes up with, while others say they want to move to Houston just to watch him.



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