Healthcare Workers Win Lottery, Get How Much?

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A $1 million Powerball prize was won by 78 Michigan healthcare workers. This means that each member will receive approximately $12,800 before taxes according to the state lottery release.

The group of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers from Traverse City had been playing the lottery consistently through their “Heroes to Zeroooos Lottery Club.” Bernard Bossert Jr., the club’s representative, was the one to purchase the winning ticket. There were about 65 members in their team that were consistently playing, but everyone was able to add money for the ticket whenever they wanted.

To keep things organized, they created a Facebook page in which everyone in the club would note what they have contributed. After contributions were noted, the results of each draw were also posted.

The lottery ticket that won them $1 million was on Oct. 31, with the number combination 13-19-36-39-59. As Bossert recalled, he purchased the Powerball ticket in the afternoon of the draw and then checked the results of the lottery the next morning at around 4:30 a.m. It was then that he realized that they had won the $1 million. He decided to post the special announcement on the Facebook group later that day.

When Bossert posted an article about the winning ticket in Traverse City, many members started asking whether they had been the winners of the ticket. It was after that point that Bossert officially announced that the group had won.

Bossert said that everyone was ecstatic to have received what is a very nice bonus right around the holidays.


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