VIDEO: Teacher Cries After Students and Family Show Their Support

Photo by Kimberly Farmer on Unsplash

( – Brendan Harrison, a high school varsity coach and teacher from Michigan, had the surprise of his life as a large group of students, family, and friends were there to greet him after he completed his 12th and final round of chemotherapy.

Brendan Harrison, a baseball coach in the city of Saginaw, Michigan, has been fighting colon cancer, according to Storyful, a media company, news, and intelligence agency. Earlier this month, on the day of his final chemo treatment, he walked out of the healthcare facility to a massive crowd of people that had come to support him. The crowd cheered, applauded, and embraced the high school teacher.

Harrison, who was “ringing the bell” following his final treatment, got to embrace his family, friends, the students he taught at the school, and even some of the young kids on the team he coached.

As his sister Morgan revealed, Harrison was first diagnosed with colon cancer in the fall of 2022, and had to have immediate surgery as a result. Two months after recovering from the surgery, he started doing his chemo rounds, which lasted for about half a year.

The Bay City Western Baseball team also tweeted photos with Harrison, whom they refer to as “Coach Bubba.” In the caption, they wrote that the entire team supported him and finished it off with,”Love ya Bubba!”

Their posts, along with the avid support of those close to Harrison, mark a great ending to a very long and difficult journey in his battle against cancer.


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