VIDEO: Wedding Proposal Goes Insanely Viral

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( – As far as wedding proposals go, renting out a whole movie theater and creating your own rendition of A24’s “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” is definitely fitting the bill of what most people would refer to as all out. This is exactly what TikTok user Daniel De, who posts on TikTok under the username @danyo_le decided to do. As he explained he started off by renting out the movie theater room and then proceeded to use some photoshop.

He also went as far as to edit a fake video with trailers in the beginning so that his girlfriend would not be suspicious. The epic proposal has since its original posting gathered more than 2 million views. The film as Le called it was called “Anniething Anniewhere All at Once” an ode to his girlfriend. As part of the film, there were many parodies and film versions that were edited in the movie by Le.

As Le explained, at first his girlfriend did not suspect anything as she thought they were simply re-watching the sci-fi movie. However, as more and more clips were edited into the scene and played again with Le appearing as different characters she quickly started to catch on.

Eventually, the film showed a homemade film of Le sitting in a car and addressing his girlfriend before getting up to propose.

The proposal video became so big, that many of the film’s original cast actually got the opportunity to watch it. In fact, Jamie Lee Curtis, posted the video on her own Instagram claiming that it was better than a flash mob.



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