VIDEO: Woman Saves Man’s Life During Blizzard

Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

A mother of three has been called a “true angel” after saving a disabled man who got lost during a blizzard in Buffalo.

Sha’Kyra Aughtry recalled that she could hear cries for help from outside her home. It was 6:30 am on Christmas Eve when she went outside and found Joe White, 64, caught in the blizzard. There was heavy snowfall and strong winds all around them. As Aughtry noted during a Facebook Live, it was her boyfriend Trent who picked up White and carried him inside their home.

Aughtry said that she had to remove White’s socks by cutting them off as they were frozen to his legs. She then used a hairdryer to help warm up his frozen pants.

The couple proceeded to feed him and then try to bring up his body temperature so that the man wouldn’t catch frostbite. To warm him up they also used a number of blankets that they piled on top of him. They then contacted White’s sister, his only living relative, to inform her that they had found him outside of their home.

Buffalo streets were completely closed off under 50 inches (1.25m) of snow and even emergency vehicles could not make their way to Aughtry’s home for more than 24 hours.
A group of local residents also saw the post that Aughtry made and helped plow the snow from her street so that White could be taken to the hospital in a truck.

North Park Theater programme director Ray Barker, expressed gratitude towards Aughtry for helping take care of White one of their long standing employees.


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